Why Get a Coach?

You want better performance. It is likely getting harder and harder to squeeze out of your training. Every step and stroke, every mile and every lap, and even everything you eat matters. There are no free passes and there’s no easy button.  Great performances are the result of thousands of decisions – big and little ones – hundreds and hundreds of training hours, and lots of blood sweat and tears.  You need to get it right to maximize your time and energy invested.

It is well established that the best way to achieve that is with expert guidance. You need to train better, but how? Training better means training correctly, and training with a plan.  Training is very highly individualized. An experienced and expert level Coach can adeptly apply the principles of training, nutrition and recovery to your unique needs and capabilities.  Set the bar high with your Coach.

Don’t take our word for it…see what others say!

I began working with Coach Bill Gleason in 2010. In my first season in the sport, he took me from a total newbie (I couldn’t swim a lap in the pool and had not been on a bike in close to 20 years) to an Ironman. I finished Ironman Arizona in under my goal time. Two seasons later, I had a very serious bike accident. His patience and compassion during my recovery process allowed me to not only stay in the sport but come back strong enough to qualify for Team USA and race Long Course Worlds in China in 2014. I’m an Age-Grouper with a passion for the sport but have a life outside of triathlon too.  Coach Bill has the ability to push me to reach my goals while still being understanding about the fact that sometimes life gets in the way. He has helped me to reach a healthy balance while still getting the most out of my training.

Jeanette Davey

Bill coached me just for my swim leg of Ironman Cabo 140.6 in 2014. I went from barely being able to complete a lap, to finishing with 1:10 minutes in the swim; the top 25% overall in the swim. I knew I had to have him coach me through all disciplines. We worked together for Ironman Oceanside 70.3, and I could not have been happier with the results: I finished in the top 20% of competitors. Triathletes are into toys; Newest bike, helmet, shoes, or wetsuit, etc. When the greatest tool you can have is knowledge. Bill Gleason brought that to my performance, and it paid off greater then I could have ever expected. Bill was responsive, knowledgeable, and truly committed to my success. The best recommendation I can give is that I definitely plan on working with him for my next season.

Allen Worral

I just had my best race ever and feel great, after a difficult year of underperforming, thanks in large part to Bill. I signed up with Bill 6 months ago, because my wife had been so happy with his coaching. I’ve got years of ultra-endurance under my belt, and had a major base due to IMLT cancellation and DNF’ing IMCdA in the heat. However, what I hadn’t had in years was a season where it all came together, without injury and with the confidence that I could exceed my already high goals. Bill got me there, to first place in my AG, with fewer weekly hours but a good mix of challenging workouts and recovery….and most importantly the key confidence building and breakthrough race-simulation workouts, when we needed them.

Harper VanSteenhouse

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