Athlete’s Stories

Scenario: Taking it to the next level | Harper VanSteenhouse

I just had my best race ever and feel great, after a difficult year of underperforming, thanks in large part to Bill. I signed up with Bill 6 months ago, because my wife had been so happy with his coaching. I’ve got years of ultra-endurance under my belt, and had a major base due to IMLT cancellation and DNF’ing IMCdA in the heat. However, what I hadn’t had in years was a season where it all came together, without injury and with the confidence that I could exceed my already high goals. Bill got me there, to first place in my AG, with fewer weekly hours but a good mix of challenging workouts and recovery….and most importantly the key confidence building and breakthrough race-simulation workouts, when we needed them.

I’m an analytical scientist, well read in exercise physiology, with a demanding work schedule, and some might say a control freak. You know, a dream come true athlete for a coach. =) Bill quickly gained my trust, leaving me free to let go of a big chunk of control….to learn and grow as a result. Any time I had questions or doubts or differences of belief, Bill was ready with explanations, and flexibility or doses of reality as appropriate.

What is even more impressive is how truly personalized Bill’s coaching is. My wife and I have VERY different approaches to training and racing, and hence, Bill has VERY different approaches to coaching us. Aside from consistent application of science-based principles, I’d hardly know we had the same coach. So, I can confidently recommend Bill to a huge range of athletes, across experience levels and mentality.

Despite a race I’m proud of, I also know where I need to continue to improve and I’m confident Bill can help me get there.